The world still relies on governance systems hundreds of years old. Governance is the last stronghold yet to meet the pace of rapid technological disruption across the planet.

governance is BEYOND broken…

With PowerDAO that’s about to change

DAOs were meant to revolutionize how citizens and communities collaborate and make collective decisions. By getting rid of the intermediaries. Allowing value to flow directly to all stakeholders. But the largest intermediary of all is still yet to be truly challenged.

Today’s DAOs have failed to deliver on that promise

Simple token governance replicates the problems of traditional ways of governing — and creates new ones like:

Introducing PowerDAO

A new governance model built from first-principles to maximize the power of communities to govern themselves towards achieving real-world goals.

PowerDAO puts the power in your hands

and the problems they create
Eliminate selfish voters
to act in the community’s best interest
Inspire apathetic voters
Dispel & refute any concerns of covert centralization
Codify anti-corruption
into effective action towards a unified goal
Resolve community chaos

PowerDAO achieves this through four interconnected design innovations

KPI-based governance
Uses blockchain to achieve consensus based on the goals the community wants to achieve
Is transparent with good actors accruing more $POWER, bad actors losing their $POWER token
In PowerDAO enables any community to propose and generate a new ChildDAO using the PowerDAO infrastructure
Participation incentives
Reward $POWER to actors that help the community achieve its goal, and penalizes those who do not

But this is only the beginning

Take your $POWER back

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